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Brook RED has been delighted to host a Lived Experience Workforce Conference for over four years now, however this year we have decided to do things a little differently!  


We have really enjoyed getting Lived Experience Workers together in one place for two days and hearing inspiring stories and presentations, learning new skills and connecting to our peers.  It has been through this wonderful gathering that we got the opportunity to listen to you - both those who attended and those who were unable to. What you have told us is that you are feeling increasingly 'isolated', 'disconnected' and 'unsupported' in your practice in your region. 


Now whilst we don't have a magic wand and we certainly don't know how this is going to turn out - we still thought we could give it a red hot go! (pun intended..)  Our hope and intention is that we will come to you!  Instead of Brisbane being the epi-centre of everything we thought we would make the effort to come and meet you in your regions, find out what is working well, take time to listen to what you need in your local areas, share what we know and support you in building your skill set in areas that are important and that you have identified as a priority for your region.


We invite you to Reset, Reflect & Connect with us.

It seemed to make an awful lot of sense to start with a focus on key locations where Dr. Louise Byrne and her research team undertook some focus groups to inform the Queensland Lived Experience Workforce Development Framework. Brook RED has been working the the Queensland Mental Health Commission to launch this framework regionally and are continuing to do this in early 2020.  If you haven't yet seen the Report, click here to download.

We will be meeting, collaborating, chatting and convincing any potential funders & sponsors in these regions to support this roadshow. This is a going to be a bit of a moving feast!  We will keep you posted on where we have been successful in getting this off the ground and where we will be coming to.  

We are hoping to hit at least 4 regions with a One Day Dialogue Roadshow event, and we are looking at outreaching 3 other regions with a 'Pop-up Roadshow' version (in between or after the main events).


Event dates are not yet set, we will release regional event dates as they get confirmed - see the list below and if you want to be kept in the loop, please fill in the contact form below making sure you mention which region you want to know about .

What regions?

  • Toowoomba (late March 2020)

  • Mount Isa (tbc)

  • Rockhampton (early May 2020)

  • Wide Bay (tbc)

  • Sunshine Coast (tbc)

  • Cairns (September 2020)

  • Gold Coast (November 2020)



March 2020


May 2020


September 2020

Gold Coast

November 2020

What to expect?

We have three main objectives that we hope will support you as a region, these have been prioritised from feedback we have received from our peers.

  • Lived Experience Skill Sets - Reset & strengthen your lived experience skills.

  • Lived Experience Mentoring - Reflect & stretch yourself building your skills with co-supervision.

  • Lived Experience Leadership - Connect & restore, be with your tribe to network & share.

Sponsorship & Funding

If you would like to be either a State Sponsor or Regional Sponsor for the Roadshow please contact Donna Humphrey at to find out more information.


Let me know more about my Region's Roadshow!

Please sign up if you would like us to tell you more about what will be happening in your area.  Just fill in the get in touch form below, make sure you select the region you want to know about and we will add you to the mailing list.   

Will there be Scholarships?

As always we will be encouraging funders to create a scholarship budget for each region. 

We will keep you updated on any developments.   

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